Britain boasts its first transgender Muslim woman (who started as a male soldier)

Britain boasts its first transgender Muslim woman (who started as a male soldier)

[Ed. – And — go figure — they’re a bit suspicious of him/her in the women’s section at the mosque.]

I don’t think there’s a more apt metaphor for what the UK is doing to itself with Islam than the story of Mr. Laurens Vallender.

A former trained soldier swapped his Territorial Army beret for a veil and became Britain’s first transgender Muslim woman.

Laurens Vallender now calls himself Lucy and says he is finally ‘true to herself’ after a sex change three years ago. He is now married to a Muslim man he met on an online dating site, but he did not know he was once a man when they wed. …

In another major life change, he then converted to Islam because it promoted peace last September.

‘I had thought about it for a while but it is such a taboo I thought,’ he said. ‘But I did it because it is a nice religion – so peaceful.’

If there were any doubts that this man is completely delusional, they have just been resolved.


He has run into trouble with the local mosque in Swindon, Wiltshire, as they would not let him pray with the women.

“They asked me questions about my bra cup size, asked about my Adam’s apple, about my period and asked to see my birth certificate.”

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