Word of Jon Stewart’s departure comes as a shock to his fans

Word of Jon Stewart’s departure comes as a shock to his fans

[Ed. – Now his fans will have to turn to the MSM and leftosphere for their fake news.]

Jon Stewart’s fans were gobsmacked by the sad news he delivered on Tuesday’s edition of “The Daily Show”: He’s leaving his phony anchor desk and ending his reign as phony newsman, and the loss is to real news.

“This show doesn’t deserve an even slightly restless host and neither do you,” he told his audience. He said he might depart in July, September or maybe December. He didn’t say what he means to do next.

To appreciate the impact of his 16-year Comedy Central reign, and the loss his impending exit represents, the distraught viewer need only consider Monday’s broadcast.

It was then that Stewart turned his attention to what was the biggest story in the journalism biosphere that night: the scandal surrounding NBC News’ Brian Williams.

Wearing a woeful expression, he summed up everyone’s befuddlement with crystalline efficiency: “Bri! Why? Why, Bri? Why lie? Sigh.”

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