HuffPo: Joni Ernst shouldn’t claim to be combat vet (even though she is one)

HuffPo: Joni Ernst shouldn’t claim to be combat vet (even though she is one)

Very few things drive leftists to distraction more than a strong Republican or conservative woman achieving political power.

Joni Ernst is a perfect example. The strong-willed freshman Senator from Iowa describes herself in three words: “Mother. Soldier. Leader.” Imagine the howls of outrage if a conservative went after a liberal female combat veteran as Andrew Reinbach at Huffington Post did on Friday. Reinbach tried to claim that Ernst is not really a combat veteran, and questioned “The Honor of Senator Joni Ernst.”

Reinbach’s infrequent output at HuffPo includes entries on how Republicans were committing an act of “sedition” by causing the September 2013 government shutdown Barack Obama and Harry Reid could have prevented at almost any moment, how the Supreme Court’s nullification of President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional recess appointments had thrown the nation into “chaos on a technicality,” and how the NRA lies “about guns, the Constitution, and history.”

With that background, an ignorant, unhinged rant against a strong conservative woman was right up Reinbach’s alley (HT Twitchy; bolds are mine throughout this post):

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