Uganda: Crocodile eats man’s wife; man kills crocodile

Uganda: Crocodile eats man’s wife; man kills crocodile

[Ed. – These crocodile-involved incidents don’t come along so often that we can afford to pass one up.]

Revenge is a dish best served cold…with a side helping of a spear straight into the lungs.

Such is how Ugandan Mubarak Batambuze killed the 13 plus foot, over 1,300 pound crocodile that killed and ate his wife and unborn child.

The 50 year old lost his pregnant wife Demeteriya Nabire to the killer croc four months ago when she was gathering water at the shore of Lake Kyoga.

Mr. Batambuze explained that day to the BBC. He said, “Somebody called me and said, ‘Mubarak, I have news for you – the crocodile that took your wife is here – we are looking at it now.’” …

Although friends and family warned that the croc was too big to take on with only a spear, Batambuze did so. “I failed killing it the first time around,” he told them, “I’m not bothered if I die killing this beast. I’m going to take it on with this spear, and I will make sure that it dies.”

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