Gallup CEO fears retribution for calling Obama’s unemployment figures a ‘big lie’

Gallup CEO fears retribution for calling Obama’s unemployment figures a ‘big lie’

For the past several years I’ve been refuting Obama’s bogus unemployment figures. Time and again I’ve pointed out that the White House conveniently leaves out key figures like those whose unemployment benefits have run out or those who have just quit looking for a job because they’ve grown tired of the fruitless searching. After a record 40 plus months of having an unemployment rate of 8.0% or higher, Obama had to do something to codify the growing impatience of the American worker, so his administration manipulated the figures to make him look better than he really is.

Have I feared that something would happen to me for speaking out about the truth? To be honest I would have to say that I have been and still am somewhat concerned that I might get a midnight visit from black-suited men due to my many blasts and accusations against our Traitor-in Chief. Under the Patriot Act, Obama could legally have me arrested and indefinitely detained without due process because of my rants against him and we all know that he has far exceeded allowable legal practices.

Having said that, I can understand how Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup, feels after he publicly told the truth about Obama’s bogus unemployment figures. In a recent interview, he told CNBC that he was worried about suddenly disappearing after he publicly disputed the accuracy of the latest White House unemployment figures, calling them a ‘big lie.’

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