Your dog is not a human being so stop treating him like one

Your dog is not a human being so stop treating him like one

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone with a deeper love for dogs than Roland Sonnenburg.

Roland, a professional animal trainer, is co-owner of Talented Animals a company with facilities in California, Oregon, and Canada that provides training and support for a wide variety of animals appearing in film and on television. On any given day, Roland might be bonding with a lemur, riding herd on a gaggle of geese… or romping with an entire pack of dogs, including quite a few of his own.

Roland and his partner Lauren Henry adore their dogs and expend a great deal of time, energy, and money caring for them.

What don’t these canine experts do?

Treat their dogs like humans. They don’t dress them in adorable outfits every day; they don’t give them ice cream for dessert on a regular basis, either. They certainly don’t expect their pooches to be entertained by the television when they’re left alone at home all day.

“Seeing your dog as a ‘little-furry-human’ isn’t necessarily wrong,” says Roland, who is a proponent of positive relationships between people and their pets. “But it is a failure to accurately see them as what they are… what they want, and what they need.”

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