Most Alabama counties DEFY federal judge’s order to issue same-sex marriage licenses

Most Alabama counties DEFY federal judge’s order to issue same-sex marriage licenses

[Ed. – Fort Sumter?]

At least 51 of 67 Alabama counties were not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples today in defiance of a federal ruling to do so, according to an ABC News count. …

On Sunday night, a state chief justice ordered county judges to deny the licenses and today Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley said he was “disappointed” in a federal appeals court’s decision to allow the unions but would not take action against judges who issued licenses.

While some gay Alabamans were able to get marriage licenses, others had less to celebrate. At least 51 counties had refused to issue marriage licenses today, according to the ABC News count.

The turmoil was set in motion last Tuesday when a federal appeals court ruled against delaying the overturning of Alabama’s gay-marriage bans, with U.S. District Judge Callie Granade calling it unconstitutional.

State Attorney General Luther Strange then asked the U.S. Supreme Court for a stay on the marriages until the high court took up the nationwide issue in the spring.

Then, on Sunday night, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, a vocal opponent of gay marriage, ordered county probate judges to refuse marriage licenses to gay couples today, despite Granade’s having ruled that probate judges had a legal duty to issue the licenses. …

This morning…the U.S. Supreme Court opted not to halt today’s start of the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses.

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