What’s a ‘cognitive dissident’ who can’t stand the news to do?

What’s a ‘cognitive dissident’ who can’t stand the news to do?

In psychology, cognitive dissonance refers to the fact that people holding two different inconsistent views or those being confronted with information contrary to their beliefs suffer discomfort and try to find some kind of internal consistency. “Cognitive dissidents,” a phrase used by one Facebook savant, has an unknown meaning. I’d dub it the ranks of those like myself who stubbornly oppose the prevailing ideas of the power elites no matter how tarted up and widespread they are.

Like those much younger than I, I cannot bear to watch TV news and so perhaps I have built up immunity to the pap the media elites spout.

TV (and, of course, cable) news is not well suited to cover topics more complicated than weather, sports, and traffic. More complicated stories — which is to say the really important things we need to know — cannot easily be reported in pictures. So they aren’t covered at all well in that medium or they are misreported often by employing phony theatrics to entertain their viewers and engage them in the selected narrative.

At best, we have a decades-old formulaic kabuki where attractive, well coiffed and garbed, exceedingly overpaid readers with very good teeth chatter on, giving the same amount of attention to the trivial as they do to the significant news of the day. That’s not just my opinion — statistic examination bears this out. It’s largely frivolous tidbits rounded out by interviews which fluff up the mostlyleftwing types the press likes or are outrageously rude and dismissive of those they do not. It’s breadcrumbs (of news) and circuses.

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