‘Dirty rain’ in Pacific Northwest: Ash from Japanese volcano?

‘Dirty rain’ in Pacific Northwest: Ash from Japanese volcano?

A mysterious ‘milky’ rain has been falling over the Pacific Northwest that is baffling meteorologists.

Residents of Washington, Oregon and Idaho have been filling up glasses of the unusual substance trying to determine what it could be.

One strong possibility is that the weather system has been infected by eruptions from Japan’s Sakurajima volcano.

Following a particularly violent eruption on Thursday, some speculated that Russia’s Shiveluch volcano could have sent ash into the sky that was blown across the Pacific Ocean, as well.

In the past two weeks, eight eruptions have been recorded. …

But the National Weather Service of Spokane, Washington, is still investigating.

‘The truth is that we really don’t know where it came from!’ the NWS Spokane said on Facebook.

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