Not so fast on Scott Walker, dudes

Not so fast on Scott Walker, dudes

In my lifetime, Walker is the only Republican elected official who has dismantled one of those pillars [of left-wing government power] (government sector union mobocracy).

By doing so, Walker has actually inflicted casualties on the other side – a rarity in an age of girly-men corporatist Republicans – and has overcome more adversity than any other potential candidate because of it. Thus, Walker has earned the opportunity to be considered a first tier candidate for the 2016 GOP nomination.

However, while Walker’s resume gives him ample opportunity to make the sale to conservatives, it’s how he articulates on a broader slate of issues he’d face as president that will determine if he can close the sale. And it is here where conservatives need to slow our roll on Walker, and allow the vetting process to play itself out. …

Pro-Life: Walker hired a pro-child killing spokesperson for his re-election bid, which ultimately led him to craft a campaign commercial that “Live Action” declared the wimpiest pro-life ad of 2014. …

Amnesty: He has given numerous, conflicting statements regarding immigration. But in almost all of them amnesty appears to be well within Walker’s list of governing preferences. In fact, Mark Levin said some aspects of Walker’s statements on the issue were “more radical than Obama.” …

Right-to-Work: Perhaps most amazingly when you consider his record busting the public sector unions, Walker has inexplicably been soft on promoting right-to-work legislation for his state.

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