Kerry supports Muslims closing the Temple Mount to Jewish prayer

Kerry supports Muslims closing the Temple Mount to Jewish prayer

[Ed. – Your State Department, representing you to the world.]

Why exactly is the Secretary of State trying to dictate who can and can’t pray ata particular place? Does Kerry think that the Temple Mount is a public school?

Washington called for Israeli authorities to reopen the Temple Mount to Muslim worshipers Thursday, while also condemning the shooting of a US-born activist who lobbied for Jewish rights on the holy site. …

“The Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount must be re-opened to Muslim worshipers and I support the long-standing practices regarding non-Muslim visitors to the site,” he said.

What are those practices?

“Jews cannot worship atop the mount, only at the Western Wall.”

The Secretary of State of the United States just ordered Israel to limit prayers in a particular place to Muslims, not Jews. And apparently to ban other non-Muslims too.

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