‘Watch out for satanic earrings!’ IS publishes women’s manifesto

‘Watch out for satanic earrings!’ IS publishes women’s manifesto

A manifesto for women published by the Islamic State (IS) group has criticized Western attitudes to women, saying that this so-called “Western model” has failed, that a woman’s place is in the home, and that Western women’s fashions, like earrings, are the work of the devil.

The manifesto, titled Women of the Islamic State, was shared on the Internet on January 23 by the IS group’s all-women unit, the Al-Khanssa Brigade. An English version of the manifesto was shared on February 5 by the Britain-based antiextremism think tank the Quilliam Foundation. It focuses on women’s daily lives and the role of women in an Islamic society and in the “caliphate” (the name given by the IS group to the areas under its control).

The overarching message of the manifesto is that women should be “sedentary” while men are characterized by “movement and flux.”

Women of the Islamic State does not beat around the bush, but states unequivocally that a woman’s “fundamental function” is “in the house with her husband and children.”

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