UK: Putting ‘Christ is my Lord’ on car grounds for insurance cancellation?

UK: Putting ‘Christ is my Lord’ on car grounds for insurance cancellation?

[Ed. – Somehow, I’m betting that a customer would get no grief for putting the shahada — the Muslim statement of faith — on his car.  H/t: Cassy Fiano at Right Wing News.]

Rev Wena Parry’s stickers, which read “Christ must be Saviour” and “Christ for me,” apparently counted as a modification to the vehicle, like enhancing an engine or adding a spoiler.

The minister from Neath Port Talbot in South Wales believes that she was discriminated against by her insurance company, Age UK, because of her beliefs.

“There might be somebody within that company that hates Christianity,” she told a BBC Wales programme.

Age UK denied that religion was a factor in the decision. …

The devout Christian paid £120 to adorn her Vauxhall Zafira with the religious stickers. …

The insurance company was only made aware of the stickers when Rev Parry submitted a claim on her policy after her exhaust was damaged and thieves stole a part of the car’s engine.

Her insurers wrote a letter demanding to know why they had not been told about the modifications, warning: “The policy may be declared void.” …

Age UK’s spokeswoman added: “While all car owners have the right to self-expression and place whatever they wish on their cars, we would urge all drivers to make their insurance providers aware of any graphics applied to their cars.”

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