U.-VT spends $80K to make software ungrammatical, transgender-submissive

U.-VT spends $80K to make software ungrammatical, transgender-submissive

[Ed. – It’s transgender-submissive, people.  That’s the correct term for it.  It’s not choosing to adopt an attitude of friendliness or inclusion; it’s rolling all the way over and saying, “No matter what you demand, no matter how absurd, inconsistent, open-ended, or intellectually pointless, we’ll inconvenience and constrain everyone else so you can have it.”]

The University of Vermont spent $80,000 and six months adding gender-neutral options to its information system in 2009, and has continued to update it to add even more choices.

In September, the system was updated to allow students to request being called “they,” something it had previously rejected, since it is grammatically a plural pronoun, according to an article in the New York Times published this week.

The Times article, published on Tuesday, provided a history of the school’s increasing accommodations for transgender students, declaring it was “at the forefront in recognizing the next step in identity politics: the validation of a third gender.”

UVM was the first school in the country to allow students to select which pronoun they preferred in its system. The system also allows them to select “name only,” which means the student is opposed to pronouns in general and wants to be addressed only by name — something more than 200 transgender students have selected since 2009, according to the Times.

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