Harvard bans sex between profs and undergrads

Harvard bans sex between profs and undergrads

[Ed. – Alt title: “Harvard goes all prude-o.”  Seriously: this had to be done?  It was OK before?  I guess I’ve been out of that loop for quite a while now.  When I was an undergrad, it was not only against the code of conduct, but everyone agreed it was wrong.  Not just a bad idea, but “wrong.”]

Harvard University banned professors from having “sexual or romantic relationships” with undergraduates, joining a list of campuses that have taken similar steps.

Many colleges discourage but don’t ban sex between professors and students. While a national professors’ group doesn’t favor such a prohibition, recent moves by Harvard, Yale University and the University of Connecticut suggest the tide may be turning. …

Harvard’s earlier policy was narrower, specifying that relationships with “one’s students” are inappropriate — suggesting that relationships were prohibited only when a student was in a professor’s class. Under U.S. Education Department investigation for its responses to sexual assault and harassment reports, Harvard began a university-wide review of its policies in 2013. …

Yale, in New Haven, Connecticut, banned relationships between undergraduates and faculty in 2010 and the University of Connecticut followed in 2013.

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