Is Fox News in the tank for Jeb Bush 2016?

Is Fox News in the tank for Jeb Bush 2016?

The ongoing divide between grassroots conservatives and the Republican Party establishment seems to have a new battlefront — Fox News.

It’s an increasingly common complaint within the conservative grassroots, but is it true that Fox News is in the tank for the Republican Party establishment, and the fix is already in for Jeb Bush 2016 on the network conservatives depend on? Many grassroots conservatives I know think the answer is “yes.”

For example, when I posed the question “is Fox News in the tank for the GOP establishment” within my own network the past several days the results weren’t even close. On my website at a whopping 80 percent of respondents said yes, Fox News is in the tank for the GOP establishment.

On my personal Facebook page, more than 300 grassroots conservatives I’m friends with, many of whom are actual activists/candidates/campaign workers, responded to this question. More than 200 of them answered yes.

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