Ash Carter ‘strongly inclines toward’ opening all military jobs to women

Ash Carter ‘strongly inclines toward’ opening all military jobs to women

[Ed. – Sure, there have to be gender-neutral standards.  But when I’m sitting in front of a bunch of Democrats in the Senate, I’m going to pander on this one, and let the Pentagon brass take the heat for that pesky “standards” problem later.]

“Are you committed to allowing women to serve in all positions and to gender-neutral standards for each of the services?” Sen. Kirsten Gillbrand (D-N.Y.) asked Defense Secretary nominee Ashton Carter at his confirmation hearing on Wednesday.

“I’m certainly committed to gender-neutral standards,” Carter replied. He noted that the armed services are now examining whether there are any positions in the military that should not be open to women.

“I strongly incline towards opening them all to women, but I am also respectful of the circumstances and of professional military judgement in this regard…If I am confirmed, I’d want to confer with our own leaders in the Department of Defense, with you and others who have thought carefully about that problem and try to come to a view.”

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