Blame Hollywood for anti-vaxxers

Blame Hollywood for anti-vaxxers

Measles is back and spreading, hurting kids, and invading Disneyland. Likely Republican presidential contenders Chris Christie and Rand Paul took some heat this week for comments regarding vaccination.

We can run down the long list of powerful politicians and influential celebrities who have uttered dumb thoughts about vaccines in America. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain have flirted with autism-vaccine wackiness, so this isn’t an inherently partisan issue. And when you consider Hollywood’s roster of vocal anti-vaxxers, a few names quickly jump to mind:

Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Charlie Sheen, Bill Maher, Billy Corgan, Mayim Bialik, Alicia Silverstone.

McCarthy and Carrey have been hated on plenty for their part in this, and deservedly so. So why should Oprah Winfrey get a pass?

Who doesn’t love Oprah? America loves Oprah. The president loves Oprah. Everybody who has ever wanted a free Pontiac definitely loves Oprah. And yet the celebrated talk-show host, actress, and political player has a piss-poor track record when it comes to science.

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