Joe Biden’s ‘Uncle Joe’ issue

Joe Biden’s ‘Uncle Joe’ issue

Vice President Biden insists he’s thinking about running for president. As we’ve written before, this is probably a fool’s errand.

Yes, Democrats like Biden just fine. In fact, a new Bloomberg/Des Moines Register poll of the Iowa caucuses shows Biden’s popularity among likely Democratic caucus voters is almost as high as President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s (at least on its surface). While Obama is viewed favorably by 86 percent of these folks and Clinton is at 84 percent, Biden is at least in the same ballpark, at 78 percent.

What’s more, Biden is the first or second choice of 35 percent of likely Democratic caucus-goers when it comes to the 2016 contest.

But to truly understand just what Biden’s 2016 problem is, you have to go a little deeper. Yes, His favorable rating among Iowa Democrats is 78 percent, but the picture for Biden is much less promising when you break that number down. Of that 78 percent, 53 percent say they have a “mostly” favorable view of him; just 23 percent say they have a “very” favorable view.

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