Feminists be, like, ‘WE shouldn’t lose freedom over all these problems we complain about!’

Feminists be, like, ‘WE shouldn’t lose freedom over all these problems we complain about!’

[Ed. – A set of arbitrary nanny rules that you can never know if you’re on the right side of should only apply to, you know, those guys over THERE.  But if you make it clear that young women can’t handle vulnerable situations, the people who are charged with keeping them safe will have to think about setting boundaries for them.]

Everyone on Feminist Internet is outraged because national sorority chapters banned University of Virginia members from going to fraternity parties last weekend out of concern that they would get raped.

And they should be. After all, as one female student explained in an online petition, the ban “sends the message that we are weak.”

But what many of those outraged might not realize is that they’ve been sending the same message through their own campus causes for quite some time now.

Look at California and its “affirmative consent” law. …

Some law professors stopped teaching rape law after “feminist” activists cried out that it could be too “triggering” for some women to learn about it. …

And the list goes on and on.

If we have so-called feminists out there who believe that female students are too weak to say no to sex, too terrified and inept to answer a question in class unless a man has answered first, and too sensitive to learn the things they need to know to succeed in their careers  — why is it surprising that some activists might say young women can’t handle a party?

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