Kasich is wrong: God’s NOT a Marxist

Kasich is wrong: God’s NOT a Marxist

Kasich’s plan to now implement Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in Ohio could cost taxpayers up to $50 billion.

But it’s the rationale for Kasich’s 180-degree turn that is especially problematic, because it’s the same sham, Cracker-Jack bastardization-disguised-as-theology used by Marxists on the Left to justify all their unaffordable and ineffective schemes.

While brazenly stumping for a balanced budget amendment at the same time he’s implementing a program that is already insolvent, Kasich had this to say:

Now, one of the interesting things about this is that people say, ‘That position is liberal.’ Well, I’ve been in the Republican Party for a long time, and a big chunk of the Republican Party is people of faith. Now, if you ever read Matthew 25 I think, ‘I wanna feed the hungry and clothe the naked.’ I have to tell you I read a horrible story in The Wall Street Journal on the weekend about people, one man in particular freezing to death over in Montana. And they’ve turned down about half a billion dollars of help, I’m told. That disturbs me. 


Nowhere does the New Testament call for the utilization of government to apply or impose the things of the Kingdom of God. In fact, in Romans 13 the New Testament makes it clear that government only has one primary role to play in our lives, and for it to perform this role it is owed taxes…

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