In Colorado’s former nuclear waste dump: Give goats a chance

In Colorado’s former nuclear waste dump: Give goats a chance

Lani Malmberg is ready, willing and able to bring 1,000 goats to Rocky Flats. Or 2,000, if that’s what it takes.

A self-described “gypsy goatherder” who has worked all over the country and frequently in Colorado and Wyoming, Malmberg said she could eliminate the need for a possible 701-acre controlled burn at the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge by turning her goats loose there.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is poised to make a decision soon whether to go ahead with the burn this spring, as part of its management plan of the former nuclear weapons plant property, in order reduce its fuel load and to corral invasive species. …

The refuge was created in 2006 in the wake of the nuclear weapons site’s closure, and a $7 billion cleanup was finished in 2005. Concerns that a controlled burn there could put plutonium into the air have caused Boulder’s Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center and surrounding communities to take a stance against that happening. …

Based on density and variety of vegetation, property owners’ needs and weather, she said 1,000 of her goats could take care of 2 to 50 acres a day; 2,000 would handle 4 to 100 acres per day.

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