Mother upset after teacher takes children’s coats, sends them home in the cold

Mother upset after teacher takes children’s coats, sends them home in the cold

A Charlotte mother is upset after a school employee took her children’s coats and sent them home on a cold day.

Chanda Spates says that her children came home from Ranson IB Middle School Tuesday and told her a teacher had taken their winter coats because they did not match the school uniform.

The single mother of five says the teacher not only took the coats from three of her children, but from at least 20 others at the Project L.I.F.T. school.

“When the children came home from school… they came home with no coats on. So I said ‘where are your jackets? Where are your coats?'” Spates said. “They said ‘the school took them. They took all the students’ jackets during lunch at the cafeteria.’ And that they were told if they wanted their jackets back to have their parents come up there.”

She says the reason the children were given was that their coats were not the right uniform color, hunter green. She added that last year the school sold coats that matched the uniform, but that this year the coats were not available in the right color.

Spates said she then called the school, but the school was already closed….

She says she’s most upset that she couldn’t get a response from the school until she called the media.

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