Tebow Super Bowl ad saved my baby

Tebow Super Bowl ad saved my baby

Susan Wood went to the party because she couldn’t bear to be home alone, not tonight. She needed to get out of the house and away from her own thoughts, if only for a few hours. Anything to take her mind off the worry, the panic, the indecision and the morning sickness. …

Earlier that morning, Susan told her boyfriend she was pregnant. Let’s just say he did not react well. He saw the first pregnancy test; he insisted on a second. Abortion was the only option. Susan consented, if only to end the conflict. Then he left, and she walked to the Super Bowl party alone. …

On the night of Feb. 7, 2010, during the first quarter of Super Bowl XLIV, Focus on the Family’s “Celebrate family, celebrate life” commercial aired for the first and only time. Pam Tebow appeared onscreen, reminiscing about her “miracle baby” — son Tim, the 2007-Heisman-Trophy-winning college quarterback. …

The room fell silent while the commercial played. Instead of the strident anti-abortion ad that Susan, her friends and most of America were expecting, they watched a mother’s heartfelt story about the survival of her infant son.

“I wanted to be critical,” Susan says. “I wanted to bash this horrible ‘anti-choice’ commercial. But as we watched, everyone agreed that it was a positive commercial with an encouraging message — not one of judgment or condemnation.”

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