Which NFL fans are the ‘most profane’?

Which NFL fans are the ‘most profane’?

[Ed. – Bullsh*t!]

The swear jars of Pittsburgh Steelers fans is apparently running over according to a new poll which ranks them the “most profane” fans in the NFL.

Proofpoint Nexgate researchers studied the content posted to the Facebook pages of the 12 NFL playoff teams during the first three weeks of January through the conference championships.

They found that Pittsburgh Steeler fans posted profane, and inappropriate content 6.15% of the time. That compared to fans of the Carolina Panthers which posted negative stuff only .32% of the time.

The Panthers and Denver Broncos actually tied in the “Most Polite” category.

Fans of the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks came in third at 0.35% and the Indianapolis Colts were right behind them.

It’s worth noting that the study was conducted before the “deflate gate” controversy.

Researchers say that since the “deflate gate” controversy, the number of negative and inappropriate comments associated with the New England Patriots has skyrocketed, and is nearly 1.5 times higher than the Steelers.

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