CA: Actual citizens now waiting months for appointments as illegals flood DMV offices

CA: Actual citizens now waiting months for appointments as illegals flood DMV offices

The Department of Motor Vehicles is so overwhelmed with requests for new driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations that it can take up to three months to get an appointment or a half-day wait in the lobby.

A DMV spokesman told KCAL9 Political Reporter Dave Bryan there has been a crush of applications for new licenses for undocumented immigrants, a program that began earlier this month. The spokesman said the DMV is working to address the problems, but some people are having to take a day off of work to handle a 15-minute transaction. …

For example, Jose Quiroz’s DMV ordeal spanned two days of waiting patiently with his family to have his license renewed.

“Yesterday, I was here for four hours standing outside, and when I got to the front line they said that they were not taking us in no more,” Quiroz told Bryan. “And now I am back here again, because I am here to fix my license, and I have been here five or six hours.”

Quiroz says he called about a week ago to try to expedite the process.

“I tried to make an appointment, but they wanted to give it to me in June,” he said. …

While nobody directly laid the blame on the program to offer licenses to undocumented immigrants for the first time, a DMV spokesman indicated that the huge surge of requests is having an impact on services, and the department is going the best it can to address the problems.

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