Ventura: Won’t see ‘American Sniper’; ‘Kyle no hero’

Ventura: Won’t see ‘American Sniper’; ‘Kyle no hero’

[Ed. – There’s a joke about deflated balls just begging to get out, here.]

After already suing Chris Kyle’s widow, Jesse Ventura still doesn’t know what to do with himself. He is calling out Chris Kyle as a ‘coward’ and refusing to go see American Sniper.

See Green Beret, Bryan Sikes’, response to Jesse Ventura:

GREEN BERET SLAMS JESSE VENTURA: “You’re A Dirtbag Imposter; NEVER F–K With A Fellow Operator’s Family”

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I’m officially calling you out Jesse Ventura, you dirtbag imposter. Let it be known to all that take a minute to read this: if you cannot undeniably prove you were once a SOF guy or a SEAL, it’s because you never were one. I don’t know how it would be possible to be a former/current SOF operator and not have irrefutable proof. The fact that this claim still remains a topic of debate has led me and many others to believe you never were a SEAL.

Jesse, for your own information, just because you may have met an operator in passing or one that allowed you the privilege of shaking their hand, doesn’t make you one. Chasing an alien through the jungle in a movie doesn’t make you one either. But hey, if I’m wrong, then prove it tough guy. Being “sort of” a SEAL doesn’t make you a SEAL. Leading people to believe that you killed people during interviews doesn’t mean you actually killed people either.

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