How easy is DeflateGate? It took me 40 seconds to soften 12 footballs

How easy is DeflateGate? It took me 40 seconds to soften 12 footballs

You don’t need 90 seconds to screw with some balls in a bathroom.

I did it in 40!

Like any football fan, I’ve been obsessed with DeflateGate — so when I heard that a Patriots locker room attendant reportedly took 12 AFC Championship game balls into a bathroom for 90 seconds, I decided to see if it was even possible to please Tom Brady in so little time.

So I pulled out the corporate card, bought 12 top-of-the-line balls and inflated them to the manly, 13 pounds per square inch.

Then, curious to see how long it would take to deflate one ball to Brady’s liking, I stuck in a pin, heard the tell-tale “Pssss” for 2.2 seconds and rechecked the pressure with a gauge. It was 11 pounds per square inch.

Do the math: Deflating 12 balls would be easier than toasting Jet cornerback Darrin Walls.

So I loaded the dozen fully inflated pigskins into a big IKEA bag and did what I do best: Take my balls into the bathroom to simulate what the Pats assistant possibly did.

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