Woman told her puppy was too young to fly drowns it in airport toilet

Woman told her puppy was too young to fly drowns it in airport toilet

A Central Florida woman arrived at a Nebraska airport on Friday with three puppies and two dogs but grew desperate when she was told she couldn’t fly with the pups because they were too young.

Then Volusia County resident Cynthia Anderson allegedly drowned one of the puppies — a Doberman — in an airport bathroom after trying to conceal the pooch in her carry-on luggage, according to the Grand Island Police.

The puppies, all believed to be three weeks old or less, were too young to fly, said Grand Island police Capt. Dean Elliott.

“Their eyes weren’t even open,” added Elliott.

Dogs must be at least 8 weeks old to fly. The other two puppies were picked up by the woman’s parents, Elliot said.

It’s unknown why the third puppy wasn’t also picked up, said Elliott.

Anderson, 56, of Edgewater was seen entering a bathroom before another woman reported finding a dead Doberman puppy in the toilet.

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