Man nabbed for peeing on woman from balcony of bar

Man nabbed for peeing on woman from balcony of bar

Even in the freewheeling nightspots of Key West, Florida, a patron is not allowed to urinate onto a waitress from a bar balcony.

According to police, that is what Orion Jones, 20, did early Saturday morning at Rick’s, which bills itself as the island’s largest bar complex. A Key West Police Department cop was flagged down at 2:20 AM by a Rick’s worker due to a man “who was urinating on a female staff member from the balcony above.”

When officers first confronted Jones, he was fighting with club security in the street. Jones, pictured below, subsequently fled from cops after he was released by security, but was eventually handcuffed after twice being tased by officers.

Waitress Tia Cruz, 26, told police that she was talking with a customer when she“began feeling something wet on her body.” Cruz initially thought it was raining, police noted, until a fellow employee “pointed out Jones and said he is peeing on you,” according to a police report.

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