Four things conservatives can get out of hip-hop

Four things conservatives can get out of hip-hop

[Ed. – Other than a headache?]

1. Hip-Hop Celebrates Prosperity without Making It a Panacea

Like a slowly-turning ocean liner, the conservative movement has spent two years gradually pivoting towards a new focus: inequality of opportunity.

As conservatives keep unwinding our old habit of focusing too myopically on economics, Jay-Z’s lyrics help remind us that money is a necessary but not nearly sufficient part of fulfillment.

Same as always, conservatives are noting that reigning center-left orthodoxy has produced public schools and social service agencies that do too little for vulnerable Americans. But here’s the new addition. Conservatives have realized that this tragedy is not mitigated, and perhaps is even morally exacerbated, by the fact that incredible prosperity among wealthy people pulls up the national average….

2. Hip-Hop Shows How ‘Upward Mobility’ Can Be Really Complicated

“All Falls Down” is an absurdly catchy single from the 2004 album that made Kanye West famous. In classic Kanye fashion, it combines soulful vocals and grooves with cutting social commentary.

In the first verse, ‘Ye channels the struggles of people who are pushed to pursue expensive education on the pledge that their lives will fall neatly in order:

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