Christian vets group heads to Iraq to train Kurds; counsel families, victims of ISIS

Christian vets group heads to Iraq to train Kurds; counsel families, victims of ISIS

[Ed. – Amazing time we live in.]

The two teams that will be working in Kurdistan will have two different, but complimentary functions. Jeremiah will be leading a team, which is composed of all military veterans, which will continue training the peshmerga. Jeremiah’s team is composed of four Marines, one Navy corpsman and one National Guard weapons receptor. He also informed us that other teams come and help out as well. Some of those that make up those teams are among Navy SEALs and Army Rangers as well as other veterans of America’s military.

Jeremiah’s wife will lead another team that will set up a house to care for the women and children rescued. They will offer counseling and prayer, as well as medical attention and free food.

“Our main purpose for going over, that we really wanna take part in the rehabilitation of a lot of these women and children who have been captured by ISIS,” said Jeremiah. “They have been in sex trafficking and whatnot. Sometimes they are able to escape on their own and sometimes all it takes is for someone driving a vehicle close enough to a dangerous enough place and they run out into the desert and find a safe zone. So, we’re pursuing all avenues to help in rehabilitation.” …

Check out a short pamphlet of what the teams do and see pictures.

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