Bernie Sanders’s 7-point plan for saving ‘disappearing middle class’

Bernie Sanders’s 7-point plan for saving ‘disappearing middle class’

How would the federal government spend if a Democratic Socialist were in charge?

A new outline from Senator Bernie Sanders tells us how.

He points to several priorities — including “a major federal jobs program” and raising taxes on the wealthy — that he says will rebuild “the disappearing middle class.”

“While we must continue to focus on (reducing) the federal deficit, we must also be aware that there are other deficits in our society that have been causing horrendous pain for the vast majority of the American people,” he writes.

His seven deficits: jobs, infrastructure, income, equality, retirement security, education and trade.

The actions he proposes are largely in line with what Democrats — with whom he typically votes — have called for: rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, keep jobs in the U.S., boost the minimum wage, expand the rules for overtime pay, reduce income inequality, bolster Social Security, help those struggling with student loans, sharply reduce unemployment.

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