‘Whitelandia’: Portland teachers attend white privilege seminar

‘Whitelandia’: Portland teachers attend white privilege seminar

Parents should check and double check their kids’ curriculum and textbooks: the government schools have revised our history into something virtually unrecognizable with assertions of racism everywhere.

At a recent event in Portland, Oregon, educators and activists presented a “White Privilege” seminar and an outline for a film in the making, “Whitelandia.”

My friend, Dan Sandini, captured much of the meeting.

Dan writes:

This past week Portland teachers participated in a for-credit public event titled “WHITELANDIA.” I want to emphasize this was not a viewing of the film. The filmmaker screened a handful of short disconnected interviews and old 8 mm clips.

The main focus of the meeting was an interactive panel discussion which focused on “White Privilege,” how it’s endemic in our society and how Oregon’s original goal of “establishing a white homeland” may well be at hand.

Oregon, like all of America, does not have a perfect history. As in the rest of the world, racism was a fact early on. But over time, the truth of each person’s intrinsic dignity and worth in the Creator’s eyes took hold. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of being judged “by the content of character rather than the color of skin” came to be, for the most part, true.

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