To Obama, the state can still solve every problem

To Obama, the state can still solve every problem

If you want to get a sense of why Barack Obama alienates not just libertarians but large and growing swaths of basically apolitical Americans, consider how he treated day care in Tuesday’s State of the Union Address (SOTU).

It’s bad enough that he even talked about the issue in the first place. As the father of two kids whose mother has always worked, I know how difficult, frustrating, and anxiety-inducing it is to find good, affordable day care. But come on already, this issue just doesn’t rate as a national concern to be dealt with in “the only speech a modern president can expect all of the networks to cover.”

But it’s not just that he talked about an issue as small-ball as day care, it’s howhe talked about it that helps explain why so many have soured on the guy (indeed, his SOTU ratings over the years have tanked, with Tuesday’s speech the worst yet). For all his yammering about how “tonight, we turn the page” and that we need to be “looking to the future instead of the past,” Obama is stuck in the dreariest, 20th-century liberal mindset when it comes to problem solving.

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