Police: man stole jar with money collected to help sick child

Police: man stole jar with money collected to help sick child

It’s not every day you hear about someone caught on camera stealing nearly $200 meant for a sick 5-year-old.

The jar was apparently stolen last Sunday at Jus One More, a bar in Warner Robins.

“You can see the whole jar right there. He’s carrying it out,” said JoAnn Sulack while watching the surveillance video.

Sulack said she wouldn’t press charges if the thief confessed and made amends to the boy on Sunday.

“He needs to come in here at 4 p.m. The music will go silent. The people will go silent,” she said.

Instead of turning in the man who she said called her and admitted he had the money, she wants to turn the situation around with a few conditions.

“I just know that he did a wrong thing and he needs to make it right,” Sulack said.

The first: showing up Sunday for Matty Hancock’s fundraiser, which the stolen money was for.

The second may take a little more courage.

“He needs to walk up to little Matty who will be here, apologize to him, tell him what he did and return his money,” she said.

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