Why GOP Congress should welcome more immigrants (even illegals!)

Why GOP Congress should welcome more immigrants (even illegals!)

Here are a few reasons why immigration is GOOD for the U.S.:

  • Immigrants make up 13% of the U.S. population, but represent 18% of small business owners
  • Immigrant businesses employ 1 in 10 Americans 
  • 18% of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants, generating  $1.7 trillionin revenue
  • Immigrants are three times more likely to file a patent than native citizens
  • 75% of farm workers are foreign-born
  • As consumers, immigrants pump over $2 trillion into the economy
  • Without immigrant labor, milk prices would increase by 61%
  • Immigrants on average pay $1800 more in taxes than receive in benefits
  • 66% of ILLEGAL—ILLEGAL!–immigrants pay Social Security, Medicare, and income taxes via payroll withholding
  • Immigrants (legal and illegal) are less likely to commit crimes or be on welfare butmore likely to work than similarly situated native-born Americans

So instead of trying to reduce immigration by “securing the border,” “completing the dang fence,” and forcing ALL residents to show work papers and ALL employers to become agents of the federal government, why don’t we just…

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