Carly Fiorina takes on Hillary: ‘Flying is passive activity, not accomplishment’

Carly Fiorina takes on Hillary: ‘Flying is passive activity, not accomplishment’

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina sharply criticized Hillary Clinton’s record as secretary of state on Saturday, saying that unlike Clinton, “I have actually accomplished something.”

In a speech to activists at the Iowa Freedom Summit on Saturday, Fiorina, a possible candidate for president, said: “We must understand our role in the world – which is to lead – and the nature of our allies and especially, our adversaries. Like Hillary Clinton, I too have travelled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe. But unlike her, I have actually accomplished something.”

“Mrs. Clinton, flying is an activity not an accomplishment,” Fiorina continued.

Said Fiorina: “I have met Vladimir Putin and know that it will take more to halt his ambitions than a gimmicky red ‘reset’ button. Having done business in over 80 countries and having served as the chairman of the External Advisory Board at the CIA, I know that China is a state-sponsor of cyberwarfare and has a strategy to steal our intellectual property. I know Bibi Netanyahu and know that when he warns us, over and over and over again, that Iran is a danger to this nation as well as to his own, that we must listen.”

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