Al Sharpton speaks at Oxford, addresses America’s ‘institutional racism’

Al Sharpton speaks at Oxford, addresses America’s ‘institutional racism’

Reverend Al Sharpton spoke to the Oxford Union in London today about racial progress and addressed the question of whether institutional racism currently exists in America.

Sharpton addressed recent tensions in the U.S. over race and policing issues. He said while trying to reform law enforcement, it’s important not to forget about “supporting what is appropriate to protect all of us – particularly in the communities where we have a disproportionate amount of crime.”

And as for whether America is institutionally racist, this is what the MSNBC host had to say:

“The America under Barack Obama is not the same America that it was under James Madison or Thomas Jefferson, and it will not be the same 100 years from now, if we keep on fighting. So as you wrestle with this question of ‘Is American institutionally racist?’ my answer is: America is in transition. And that transition will occur, and continue to occur.”

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