ISIS reportedly beheads a Japanese hostage

ISIS reportedly beheads a Japanese hostage

[Ed. – If we let these evil bastards hog much more oxygen, it’s on us.]

One Japanese hostage of the Islamic State group, Haruna Yukawa, apparently was killed in a graphic beheading video, while the other Japanese hostage of the Islamist militant group, Kenji Goto, was shown relaying a new demand made by his captors, according to a tweet posted Saturday by the previously reliable SITE Intel Group, based in Bethesda, Maryland…

Yukawa and Goto were captured in Syria after returning to the war-torn nation despite being keenly aware of its dangers. For many in Japan, the hostage crisis that unfolded this week before the release of the beheading video raised questions about what the two men were doing in Syria in the first place.

Yukawa claimed to be a private military contractor, and Goto was a respected war correspondent. …

The apparent death of Yukawa marked the first time a Japanese hostage had been used in an Islamic State group video. Some wondered whether the hostage crisis was intended to punish Abe for his increasing involvement in the Middle East.

Abe vowed to save the two hostages, but he refused to give in to the terrorists’ demands for ransom. He sought help this week from Middle East leaders and tried contacting the Islamic State group via third parties, thus far to no avail.

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