Helpfully looking out for Palin’s presidential chances

Helpfully looking out for Palin’s presidential chances

[Ed. – “Seriously”… Obama becomes known for his administration calling Benjamin Netanyahu a “chickens***,” and Mediaite thinks this tweet will damage Palin’s political cred?]

As you can see, the men are holding up a poster that reads “FUC_ YOU, MICHAEL MOORE” with crosshairs replacing the Os, and the “K” strangely missing from the first word (Why bother censoring yourself when you’re already going all-out?). She also autographed the poster.

But, wait, Sarah Palin doesn’t like Michael Moore? Stop the presses!!!

For those curious, the man to the left is Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Dakota Meyer, who also posted another picture of the same moment to his Facebook, asking fans to make it go viral…

On the surface, this photograph seems rather innocuous. But with Palin constantly teasing the possibility that she will one day, maybe, possibly run for office, that’s when you realize a picture like this shows just how poorly she thinks of optics. …  [Whatever that last clause means. – Ed.]

[H]aving been put through the ringer by the media for her infamous “crosshairs” image after the 2011 Gabrielle Giffords shooting (however unjustified), you’d think she’d be more cautious.

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