California: State judges can’t belong to the Boy Scouts

California: State judges can’t belong to the Boy Scouts

California’s seven Supreme Court judges have voted unanimously to prohibit state judges from holding membership in the Boy Scouts of America; the ruling is based on the grounds that the Scouts discriminate against gays.

California is one of several states that has rules on the books banning judges from holding memberships in groups that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation; the court, however, also carved out an exception for non-profit youth groups, including the Boy Scouts.

Everything changed, however, when an ethics advisory committee recommended the ban last year.

The San Francisco Gate has the history

The ethics committee offered its recommendation in February of last year, but the Supreme Court elected to hold off on making its final decision on the matter until two Brown-appointed judges took the bench this year.

Judges have until January 21 of next year to dump their membership; if they don’t they could face removal from the bench.

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