‘American Sniper’ is Chris Kyle’s last shot at the enemy – and his aim is true

‘American Sniper’ is Chris Kyle’s last shot at the enemy – and his aim is true

It’s not just a war movie. It’s an American war movie. It turns out there are still plenty of people between the two liberal coasts who root for the home team.

The film begins by laying out Kyle’s driving motivations: Going to church and having a strong father in the home that taught him to defend himself and the innocent. A good dad and a good church were two of the key components in constructing the culture that gave birth to American Exceptionalism, but both are largely foreign or enemy concepts to the elites of our day.

Then like most of us, Kyle grows up to live a life of rebellion as a young man. …

Once Kyle goes to Iraq, the movie lacks the post-modern moral ambivalence you see in so many war movies of this era. True, there are several times when soldiers express self-doubt about the carnage they’re a part of, but that is the human condition. Every time the doubt rises above that to the level of mission creep, Kyle is the conscience of the film. …

We fall away from the traditions of our forefathers, and then come back to cling to them when the time is right. … And we understand that one person, no matter how flawed, if motivated by the right mission and purpose can still leave a legacy in this cynical world.

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