Vanderbilt administration silenced me at Pro-Islam rally

Vanderbilt administration silenced me at Pro-Islam rally

I have proof that Vanderbilt University only allows one ideology. They silenced me today at a “Tolerance” Rally where they were attacking their own Professor Swain for writing an op-ed in The Tennessean that was inconsistent with their liberal propaganda. That is not education, that is brainwashing. Education is – learning the facts of two opposing opinions and making your own informed opinion. WND covers the story here.

Dr. Swain proposed a debate. Is Vanderbilt responding? I propose a debate on Sharia Law and on Global Warming. Let’s hear both sides of each issue from experts.

I attended the “Campus-Wide-Protest-Against-Hate-Speech-Published-in-the-Tennessean” rally today, Jan. 17. Yes. That was the name of it. Clunky. It coincidentally took place on the same day as the “Stand with the Prophet” conference in Texas. (*Below is a list of the Radical Muslim speakers today in TX). Here is the story The Tennessean did on the rally today.

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