Kos: Obama approval rating up because ‘being liberal is popular’

Kos: Obama approval rating up because ‘being liberal is popular’

Gallup and other pollsters have noted a rise in President Obama’s approval rating over the past several weeks, and Daily Kos founder and publisher Markos Moulitsas thinks he knows why. “Being liberal is popular,” wrote Kos in a Tuesday blog post. “We’re seeing that validated in real time.”

Kos finds both correlation and causation between Obama’s approval-rating increase and recent lefty White House initiatives on matters such as immigration enforcement, diplomatic relations with Cuba, and paid sick leave. The lesson, Kos opined in his post, is that “Obama [should have] governed like this from Day One, instead of wasting years of his life trying to make nice with an intractable and hostile Republican Party.”

“The biggest failure of Obama’s presidency,” Kos continued, “was believing his campaign bullshit about ‘bringing the country together’…Republicans are on a holy war to destroy everything that is good and noble about government. They have no interest in peace or compromise for the public good, they believe only in scorched-earth war.”

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