Russian ‘art group’ explains why it threw holy water at the Lenin mausoleum

Russian ‘art group’ explains why it threw holy water at the Lenin mausoleum

[Ed. – Gotta give them credit: this is a new one.]

Two Russian performance artists were jailed for 10 days on Tuesday after throwing holy water at the Lenin Mausoleum on Red Square and shouting, “Rise up and leave!” …

The performance was called “Exorcising the Devil, Desecrating the Mausoleum”, she said.

The two men, Oleg Basov, a dance teacher, and Yevgeny Avilov, a computer programmer, are members of an anti-establishment art group called Blue Rider, Dumitskaya said.

In a video of the performance posted on YouTube, the two young men are shown carrying five-litre bottles of holy water marked with a cross from a church across the square.

They move barriers in front of the mausoleum and throw the water at the doors and steps, shouting “Rise up and leave!” several times before being detained.

On Monday, Orthodox Christians celebrated Epiphany, a holiday marking the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan river that people commemorate by immersing themselves in icy rivers and lakes.

[Group member Irina] Dumitskaya said that the aim of the performance was “to confront two myths”, the Communist idea that Lenin “lives” and the Christian idea of resurrection.

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