Politico gaslights Joni Ernst, gives her ‘crazy eyes’

Politico gaslights Joni Ernst, gives her ‘crazy eyes’

Of the many ways that the media exhibit bias, two of the most difficult to talk about are story selection and photo selection….

Rarely do viewers and readers think about photo selection bias even though it’s a major issue for many stories. When reporting a news or feature, photo departments might have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of photos to choose from. Figuring out the right one is part art and part science. But it’s a dangerous area for bias.


When choosing photos to accompany a feature profile of a politician … there are times when people take it too far. Newsweek’s photo selection for a cover story on Sarah Palin was incredibly demeaning, ridiculously so….

It looks like Politico wanted to join Newsweek in the sexist hall of shame. The publication took it too far with the photo used to illustrate a feature of Iowa’s new Republican Senator Joni Ernst.

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