Obama, Obama, where are you?

Obama, Obama, where are you?

Well, he was not in Paris with the 3.5 million people on January 11th. Maybe the President’s advisers and experts thought it would be a little French kind of picnic and decided to send only Jane Hartley, US ambassador in Paris. …

So, in order to repair this mistake, President Obama decided…not to come to France.

In his stead, sent both his Secretary of State John Kerry (to hug French President Hollande), and James Taylor, to sing a hippie song to the French people.

Is that a new US diplomatic doctrine? Guitars against kalashnikovs?

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It is important to find out because on that same very night of January 15th, while the USA was hugging and singing, French, Belgian, and German police forces were fighting to stop and arrest terrorists in Paris, Brussels and Berlin. Not with guitars, but with machine-guns. …

In Germany, the same night and early morning of January 16th, three special commando forces and 250 policemen arrested other jihadists and radical islamists in several cities as well as in Berlin. An “emir”, sort of war lord, was arrested along with some other would-be terrorists. …

Obama, Obama, where are you?

Because what is over Europe is no longer a vista of dark clouds, it is almost the perfect storm.

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