Boy, that doofus Ron Fournier gets my Latin up

Boy, that doofus Ron Fournier gets my Latin up

[Ed. – What say you, LU Nation?  Silliest Latin fragment ever?  “RON FOURNIER IN EXCELSIS”?  And what’s with the all-caps — which isn’t the title-slug standard at the Esquire wesbite?]

Ron Fournier’s advice on what the president should say tonight in his State Of The Union address is a meatball right down Broadway, Scooter.

Generally, it’s a bad idea to try and outguess the pitcher. Go up there with a plan, Meat. But with Fournier, it’s not a half-bad strategy, given the fact that he writes about this president like a man with an odd kind of Tourette’s, a medical condition that causes him to uncontrollably blurt out banalities like “Leadership!,” or “Bipartisan!” …

The idea that “progress” and “partisan gains” are mutually exclusive is the most obvious tell of the Beltway hack. Throughout history, “partisan gains” have been both good and bad for the country. Every party has had “gains” that led to “progress.”  This mindless word-like utterance is true only if you long for the days in which Bill Clinton and congressional Republicans “worked together” to deregulate the derivatives market, and to whack around some poor people. I don’t.

Is Obama more interested in politics or progress?

Hacks gotta hack. …

The tone: Close your eyes, set aside your opinion of Obama, and objectively listen to a chunk of the address. Does he sound like a college professor-dismissive, dour, arrogant, and argumentative? Or does he sound like a preacher-inspirational, inclusive, optimistic, and humble? The latter approach is the mark of a great leader.

Remember, this is the clown who used to write Inspirational Postcards to Karl Rove, who is known throughout the political system for his inclusiveness, optimism, and humility. The president’s primary goal in this speech must be not to make Ron Fournier feel stupid. They’ve had six years to come up with an acceptable synonym for “uppity.” The search is thus far in vain.

[And there’s more.  Fortunately, the caps and the Latin fragments do recede. – Ed.]

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