Terror undeterred by mass surveillance

Terror undeterred by mass surveillance

The failure of the massive surveillance state established by liberal western governments is becoming more and more apparent. One such failure was accidentally confirmed by both Sen. Dianne Feinstein and House Speaker John Boehner in just the last week.

Using the threat of terrorism, western governments, including our own, began to collect private communication information from every single citizen, all in the name of safety. Perhaps at the start, politicians believed amassing billions of pieces of information on tens of millions of people would somehow be helpful, but the irony is the effort has grown so massive it has become a hindrance in the effort to stop organized Islamist savages from murdering innocents.

Don’t take just my word for it. Mrs. Feinstein, albeit in an unintentional confirmation of the failure of mass surveillance, told CNN’s Gloria Borger that the U.S. visa waiver program was our “Achilles’ heel” in our effort to keep the nation safe. She noted:

“It’s my belief … that the visa waiver program is the Achilles’ heel of America, because you’re right, Gloria. They can come back from training, they go through a visa waiver country, and they come into this country.”

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